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BCom 1st 2nd 3rd Year Chapter Wise Study Material Notes in Hindi

BCom 1st 2nd 3rd Year Chapter Wise Study Material Notes in Hindi Provides B Com 1st 2nd 3rd Year Chapter Wise Study Material Notes in Hindi. The Index for BCom Study Material is given below. In this Index Paper Name/Subject Name is written in front of B Com. In short, you will find B Com 1st 2nd, and 3rd Year Study Material and notes. Whenever you go for any exam the first thing required is Best Notes. So if you are a B Com (Bachelor of Commerce) student is an absolute right and single-stop destination for you.  This Index is categorized year-wise. Where we have compiled Chapter Wise/Topic Wise Study Material and Notes for B Com. Students.

BCom 1st 2nd 3rd Year Chapter Wise Study Material Notes in Hindi
BCom 1st 2nd 3rd Year Chapter Wise Study Material Notes in Hindi

B Com 1st Year Topic Wise Notes Study Material

1. Financial Accounting

2. Business Communication

3. Business Regulatory Framework

4. Business Statistics 

5. Business Economics 

6. Business Environment

B Com 2nd Year Topic Wise Notes Study Material 

1. Cost Accounting

2. Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship

3. Public Finance 

4. Corporate Laws

5. Principles Business Management 

6. Income Tax Law Accounts

B Com 3rd Year Topic Wise Notes Study Material

Financial Management

2.  Information Technology Implications Business

3. Corporate Accounting 

4. Auditing 

5. Money and Financial System 

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MCom I Semester Books Study Material 

Corporate Accounting 

Business Environment 

Statistical Analysis

Managerial Economics 

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Managerial Economics 


B Com 1st  Year Financial Accounting Study Material Notes in Hindi

  •  So Most Important Topic For 1st Year Students   Financial Accounting :
  • Introduction to Accounting Standards and IFRS Human  Resource Accounting ,  Inflation Accounting and Responsibility Accounting Theoretical Concept Only.
  • Insolvency Accounts : Individual and Partnership firm (as Per IBC _2016)
  • Branch Accounts : Dependent Branch ; Debtors System, Stock and debtors System ; Final  accounts system ; Wholesale branch; independent branch ;Foreign branch ; Department Accounts.
  • Hire Purchase and Installment Purchase System ; Meaning of hire Purchase contract ;
  • Legal Provision regarding hire purchase contract; Accounting  records for goods  of substantial sales values , and Accounting records for goods of small values ; Installment system; After sales services
  • Royalties Accounts : Insurance claims

B Com 2nd Year Cost Accounting Study Material Notes in Hindi

  • Now in this section we are going to share chapter wise/topic wise Study Material and Notes for B Com Cost Accounting : Introduction : Nature and scope of cost accounting; Cost concepts and classification; Methods and techniques; Installation of costing system; Concept of cost audit,
  • Accounting for Material : Material control; Concept and techniques; Pricing of material issues; Treatment of material losses.
  • Accounting for Labor : Labor cost control procedure; Labor turnover; Idle time and overtime; Methods of wage payment-time and piece rates; Incentives schemes.
  • Accounting for Overheads : Classification and departmentalization; Absorption of overheads, Determination of overhead rates; Under and over absorption, and its treatment.
  • Cost Ascertainment : Unit costing; Job, batch and contract costing; Operating costing; Process costing : excluding inter-process profits, and joint and by-products,
  • Cost Records : Integral and non-integral system; Reconciliation of cost and financial accounts.

BCom 3rd Year Fundamentals of Financial Management Study Material Notes  in Hindi

  • As far as B Com 3rd Year is concern Financial Management is one of the most searched topic of B Com. Financial management : Financial goals, Profit Vs. wealth maximization, financial functions : investment, financing and dividend decisions, financial planning. Capital Structure : Theories and determinants.
  • Operating and Financial Leverage : Their measure; Effects on profit, analyzing alternate financial plans, combined, financial and operating leverage.. Dividend Policies : Issues in dividend policies; Walter’s model; Gordon’s model; M.M. Hypothesis, forms of dividends and stability in dividends, determinants.
  • Financial Statements : Meaning and types of financial statements; Limitations of financial statements; Objectives and methods of financial statements analysis; Ratio analysis; Classification of ratios : Profitability ratios, turnover ratios, liquidity ratios; Advantages of ratio analysis; Limitations of accounting ratios.
  • Funds Flow Statement and Cash Flow Statement (as per Indian Accounting Standard-3).
  • Management of Working Capital : Nature of working capital, Significance of working capital, Operating cycle and factors determining of working capital requirements, Management of working capital : Cash, receivables and inventories.