MCom I Semester Business Environment Study Material Notes

MCom I Semester Business Environment Study Material Notes

MCom I Semester Business Environment Study Material Notes: Hello friends, hope you are fine then today we will talk about MCom’s friends MCom has a post-graduation degree as we know that B.Com means Bachelor of commerce and MCom Master of Commerce so Gurujionlinestudy Provide Best Notes Study Material in English for all MCom Students  Today we talk about MCom I Semester and Business Environment is Most Important Part of MCom as well As we Provide Best Notes and Study Material for MCom Students Other Books For I Semester Corporate Accounting Managerial Economics, Statistics for Decision Making, Organization Behavior  You Can Land You Destination Page :

Business Environment Study Material
Business Environment Study Material

CTET Paper level 2 Previous Year Social Science Model Paper in Hindi

Business Environment

Business Environment: Meaning, Features, and Classification

2. Economic Systems ………….

3. Concept of Globalization, Liberalization, and Privatization

4. Multinational Corporation and World Trade Organization

5. National Income …

6. Savings …….

7. Investment ……..

8. Industrial Sickness in India

9. Inflation

10. Unemployment

11. Poverty …

12. Monetary Policy

13. Fiscal Policy

14. Industrial Policy & Industrial Licensing

15. World Bank …..

16. International Monetary Fund

17. Balance of Payment..

18. Money …….

19. Finance

20. Price ……

Business Environment

21. General Agreement on Trade and Tariff-Gatt ….

22. International Economic Grouping …

23. Foreign Trade and Economic Growth

24. Regional Imbalance …….

25. International Trading Environment.

26. United Nations Conference on Trade and Development UNCTAD

27. Twelfth Five Year Plan (2012-17)

28. Social Injustice

29. Export-Import Policy of India

30. Parallel Economy.

31. Devaluation

32. International Trading Environment, World Trade and Problems of Developing Countries ……

33. Collaborations/In the Light of Recent Changes

34. Foreign Investment ………..

35. Insurance Regulation and Development Act ..

36. Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI)

37. Consumer Protection ……….

38. Regulation of Foreign Investment

39. Strength, Weakness, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT) Analysis

40. G.S.T.P., G.S.P. and Counter Trade ……


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MCom I Semester Meaning Features Classification Study Material Notes

2. MCom I Semester Economic System Study Material Notes

3.  MCom I Semester Concept Globalization Liberalisation Privatisation Study Material Notes

4. MCom I Semester Multinational Corporations World Trade organization Study Material Notes

5. MCom I Semester National Income Study Material Notes

6. MCom I Semester Business Environment Saving Notes Study Material

7. MCom I Semester  Investment Notes Study Material

8. MCom I Semester Environment Industrial Sickness in India Study Material Notes

9. MCom I Semester Inflation Study Material Notes

10. MCom I Semester Business Environment Unemployment Notes study Material

11. MCom I Semester Poverty Notes study Material

12. MCom I Semester Monetary Policy Study Material Notes

13. MCom I Semester Fiscal Policy Study Material Notes

14. MCom I Semester Environment Industrial Policy & Industrial Licensing Study Material Notes

15. MCom I Semester world Bank study Material Notes

16. MCom I Semester Environment International Monetary Fund ( IMF) notes Study Material

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17. MCom I Semester Environment Balance of payments Notes Study Material

18. MCom I Semester Money Notes Study Material

19. MCom I Semester Business Environment Finance Study Material Notes

20. MCom I Semester Price Study Material Notes

21. MCom I Semester Environment General Agreement Trade Tariff Gatt Study Material Notes

22. MCom I Semester International Economic Group Study Material Notes

23. MCom I Semester Business Environments Foreign Trade and Economic Growth Study Material Notes

24. MCom I SemesterRegional Imbalance Study material Notes

25. MCom I Semester International Trading Environment Study Material Notes

26. MCom I Semester United nation Conference Trade Development ( UNCTAD ) Study Material notes

27. MCom I Semester Twelfth Five Year Plan ( 2012 – 17 ) Study Material Notes

28. MCom I Semester Social Injustice Study Material Notes

29. MCom I Semester Export-Import Policy India Study Material Notes

30. MCom I Semester  Parallel Economy Study Material Notes

31. MCom I Semester  Devaluations Study Material Notes

32. MCom I Semester International Trading Environment World Trade Problems developing Countries Notes

33. MCom I Semester Collaboration Light Recent Changes Study Material Notes

34. MCom I Semester Business Environment Foreign Investment Study Material notes

35. MCom I Semester Insurance Regulation Development Act Study Material Notes

36. MCom I Semester Business Environment Securities Exchange Board India ( SEBI ) Study Material Notes

37. MCom I Semester Consumer Protection Study Material Notes

38. MCom I Business Environment Regulation Foreign Investment Study Material Notes

39. Environment Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats Analysis Study Material Notes

40. MCom I Semester GSTP GSP Counter Trade Study Material Notes

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